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Demand 01


We demand that the University of Cincinnati immediately restrict Phillip Kidd and David Lindenschmidt from patrolling on or off of campus.




Status & Updates

The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, whose commission assembled at the University of Cincinnati, identifies ‘building trust and legitimacy as the first pillar to effective unbiased policing.  The University of Cincinnati Police Department or UCPD has continuously undermined this pillar through egregious acts of racial profiling, and through the restoration of Kidd and Lindenschmidt to active patrol duty. These officers on camera behavior following the murder of Sam Dubose while deemed legal, is morally and culturally unconscionable. Additionally, the history of  Officer Kidd who was named as a plaintiff in the 2010 lawsuit involving the death of unarmed Kelly Brinson, poses a threat to the perception of safety to communities of color on and around the campus.

This demand has since become the Safety & Policing Reform demand, these are some of the changed that have taken place in the Public Safety department at UC:

  • Exiger was selected to do a top-to-bottom comprehensive review of UC Police. The final report, which was released in June 2016, can be viewed by clicking here

  • UC Police underwent implicit bias, community policing, and deescalation training

  • The Irate 8 and UBSA (United Black Student Association) members were utilized in the hiring of new leadership at the University of Cincinnati Police Department

  • A Community Advisory Council was established to allow the community to have input on UC's police reform. It includes representatives from Black Owned businesses, Black clergy, community organizations, student government, African American Alumni Affiliate (4A), and the United Black Student Association. Learn more about it by clicking here.

  • Exiger was hired as UCPD's Independent External Review Monitor. They will monitor how closely UCPD complies with the demands made and recommendations made in the external review. You can view UCPD's report card here.

  • UCPD hired a new Police Chief, and a new Assistant Police Chief. Click here for more.

  • UCPD now use contact cards to serve as an early warning system to detect racial disparities in police stops and citations issued.

  • UCPD has structured and implemented best practices involving body cam footage, now it is actually reviewed and organized. You can view UCPD's Body Worn Camera policies and procedures by clicking here.

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