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The Tensing Trial

Original Trial

The original trial took place in November of 2016. After two weeks of trial, and 25 hours of deliberation, jurors were unable to unanimously reach a verdict. Jurors voted 8-4 in favor of voluntary manslaughter. At least 3 jurors were willing to go beyond voluntary manslaughter and find Ray Tensing guilty of murder. This lead to a hung jury, yielding a conclusion of a mistrial. 

It was announced the the case would be retried. It's retrial would take place in Hamilton County. The retrial is presently taking place, a verdict should arrive soon.

Information concerning both the original trial and the retrial of Ray Tensing, who murdered Sam Dubose. 

The Retrial

The retrial of Ray Tensing recently ended. It resulted in a hung jury, which produced no verdict. Hamilton County has no yet decided whether they will try the case a third time.


Jury Selection: Complete

Opening Statements: Complete

Witness Testimony & Cross-Examination: Complete

Closing Arguments: Complete

Jury Instruction: Complete

Jury Deliberation: In Progress

Verdict: No Verdict, Hung Jury 

To learn more about the retrial, jury, testimonies, and the deliberation, click here.

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