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Demand 08


We demand that the University of Cincinnati build a stand alone African American Cultural Resource Center (AACRC) or renovate to expand throughout the 60. W Charlton Building, by August 1, 2018.



Status & Updates

The current AACRC space does not totally meet the promises that were initially pledged and documented within the conditions of the students accepting the 1991 version of the AACRC.  The premiere promise was that the AACRC was only to exist as temporary edifice, thus committing to find/allocate and/or to build/construct an AACRC. While the 2013 upgrade to the African American Cultural & Resource Center (AACRC) was aesthetically pleasing, judiciously accommodating and well thought out for the space provided, it does not meet the needs of the students. As documented every year, the overall activity of the AACRC has moderately increased. However, especially for the pasts two years (since the renovations), the number of students, programs and services have dramatically increased.  These numbers are due the new aesthetics of the building, as the word of a beautifully renovated event space was ideal for small to moderate occasions. However, as stated in the previous point, with an increase in black undergraduate students, a larger building/space is necessary. Due to the number of food events at the AACRC, as well as those that we desire to bring there, a sink was not installed to meet its sanitary needs. As a result, the restrooms are utilized for providing water for drinks (unless brought in from the outside) and for all "clean-ups," which are not done immediately once an event has concluded. Further, since the inception of the ELS area acquiring the remaining area of 60 W. Charlton, the restrooms are shared and cannot accommodate the traffic in both areas. There is no drinking fountain,  unlike many other offices on campus where one is accessible. ​​

The AACRC Expansion Committee put together a proposal that was approved by then University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono. That proposal now serves as the template for the expansion of the AACRC over the next two years. It includes floorplans, guidelines, and short, mid, and long-term plans for the AACRC.


In January 2017, Phase I of the AACRC Expansion was revealed. The African American Cultural and Resource center was expanded providing a new hallway, villagekeeper wall, student lounge, kitchinette, storange space, and a quiet study room with computers.

You can view the Expansion Report & Timeline by clicking the link below. You can also view photos from the expansion below.

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