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Demand 07


We demand the University of Cincinnati doubles the amount of Black students on main campus over the next 3 years starting today, October 14th 2015.



Status & Updates

Though the city of Cincinnati is nearly 50% Black, the University of Cincinnati's black student population is 8%. Roughly half of this 8% does not attend UC's Main campus but rather attend satellite campuses or distance learning options. Our campus is not reflective of our city, or even our state (the state of Ohio has a Black population of 12%). In contrast, Asian, Native American, Latino/Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and White students populations all meet or exceed their Cincinnati and Ohio demographics.

  • Fall 17 enrollment currently has 379 confirmed Black students, if the patterns hold, this will equate to nearly double the Fall 16 enrollment which was in the 200s. 

  • UC Admissions has launched the Irate 8's Cincinnati Public School Ambassador Program

  • This program recruits and hires high school juniors from each of the Cincinnati Public Schools to serve as UC Liaisons. These liaisons work collaboratively with a UC Admissions staff member and their respective high school counselors to assist their high school peers in the college search and selection process. The liaisons would attend training sessions during the summer prior to their senior year to learn more about UC, the college application process, the financial aid application process and expectations about the college search and selection process. Liaisons would then serve as a peer resource for their classmates throughout the senior year of high school.

  • This program has kicked off with 22 students from 13/14 of the CPS schools

  • UC Admissions has hired two directors specifically for multicultural recruitment

  • 1 million dollars has been given to the Turner Scholars Program for scholarships for underrepresented minorities

  • UC's College of Arts & Sciences now admits the top 10% of all Cincinnati Public Schools, providing a pathway for students who are achievers but inadmissible to the University because we as a city failed them. These students will have alumni mentors through a mentorship program through McMicken. This new standard netted 58 additional admittances (with 32 confirmed attending) of CPS students. This 10% Program will be implemented in other colleges beginning next year.

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