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Demand 06


We demand that the University of Cincinnati hire at minimum 16 staff and senior Black faculty over the next 3 years, starting today, October 14th 2015.




Status & Updates

Our aim is to fully staff the AACRC, EPS, and create positions centered on recruiting and retaining Black students. Additionally, we want to increase the population of our Black faculty, especially those with tenure who can support students more passionately without fear of losing their positions.

  • Per the Irate 8 demands, UC Admissions has hired an Associate Director for Strategic Populations and an Assistant Director of Multicultural Recruitment

  • UC elevated the role of Chief Diversity Officer to Vice President for Equity & Inclusion

  • UC recruited a new executive director for the Office of Equal Opportunity & Access

  • There is a $4 million faculty cluster hiring initiative dedicated to Urban Futures. The initial five faculty hires will focus on affordable housing; educational equity; race, policing and community crime prevention; urban inequalities; and gender and urban sustainability

  • Ethnic Programs & Services will be getting an additional program coordinator to assist with the Turner Scholars Program

  • Financial and programmatic support has been provided for new affinity groups, including the UC Black Faculty Association, the Latino/Hispanic Affinity Group and UC Black Women on the Move

  • Coming this fall: a new “Social Justice” program coordinator. This position will expand and coordinate all of the social justice related programs in Student Affairs and provide additional support and execution of RAPP programming and outreach.

  • Permanent funding for a GA was provided this Fall to coordinate S.T.E.E.R. (Striving to Transform, Enrich, Empower and Reward), a mentoring program implemented in conjunction with Procter and Gamble which connects UC students with P&G mentors who remain involved with their UC mentee from their second year through graduation. 

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