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Demand 04


We demand a recurrent substantial monetary allotment to go to all offices and initiatives that directly support and impact the recruitment, retention, and matriculation of Black students on this campus, starting in the Fiscal Year 2017.



Status & Updates

What is the purpose of recruiting students of color if they cannot stay for reasons beyond their control. There are many offices, departments, programs, and organizations dedicated to helping students of color thrive, yet they are buckling under the lack of financial, staffing, and provisional resources. 

  • 1 million dollars in scholarship money for underrepresented minorities was given to the Turner Scholars program

  • UC has increased funding for Yates Graduate fellowships

  • A reconfigured Student Diversity and Inclusion Council is now in place, in partnership with the Office of Equity and Inclusion, to further support student programming as well as identity-based centers

  • The African-American Cultural and Resource center has been expanded (read more about the expansion of the AACRC on demand 8's page)

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