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Demand 03


We demand that the University of Cincinnati conducts holistic profiles including extensive background checks, mental evaluations, and accounts of past misbehaviors of all faculty/staff/police hired at the University of Cincinnati, starting immediately.



Status & Updates

UC Hires should be persons with values aligned with the University’s Bearcat Bond, which states “As a member of the University of Cincinnati, I will uphold the principles for a Just Community and the values of respect, responsibility, and inclusiveness. I will promote the highest levels of personal and academic honesty and aspire continuously to better myself, the Bearcat community, and the world”. After the Murder of Samuel Dubose, Ray Tensing’s employee profile was reviewed and the findings showed a clear pattern of disproportionately stopping and ticketing African Americans. Had there been an extensive review of Tensing using the above criteria before he was hired or a monthly review that he was held accountable for, this murder could have been prevented.

  • UC currently conducts background checks for all employees, as they always have

  • UC has added a new hiring policy that requires all job applicants to articulate their commitment to diversity and inclusion. This diversity statement is expounded upon during the hiring process, and then used as a review post-hire to hold the person accountable and discern whether they have a place at our University

  • The Irate 8 stands in solidarity with those with mental illnesses, and realizes that by disclosing his/her status, he/she may be discriminated against during the hiring process. We by no means want to subject at-risk people to additional marginalization.

  • For positions of higher administration, more extensive aptitude and decision-making tests and assesssments will me given to applicants that become finalists

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